Explore art in every corner


Most of my favorite things are related to art, design, and music. I like looking for good designs everywhere I go and get inspired.

When I go window shopping at the mall, I look at the interior designs and window displays in addition to clothes and accessories. When I go to the bookstore, I look at the design of the book covers and page layouts, the packaging of products. When I walk on the street, I look at the the trees, flowers, architecture of buildings etc. If I find something interesting, I might pick up my cam... well, my cell phone, to capture the beauty. I'm not a professional photographer and I don't have a fancy camera, but I enjoy taking photos. (And I can always photoshop them after lol)

Food. When I watch those cooking shows on TV, I'm always amazed by the beautiful plating. But of course the taste is still more important to me. :P

Music has been playing an important role in my life. The first time I learned piano was when I was three years old. A few years later I chose to stop learning in order to allocate more time to school work. But I still can't live without music. I joined a dance club in senior high school and later Choral Union and Chinese Ensemble at UBC.


I got on this bus during the holidays! It's so cute!
There were Christmas decorations on the bus as well as Christmas music~